Saturday, May 14, 2011

A Weddingbee Trash-the-Dress Session

As most of you know, I was a blogger for (nickname = Mrs. Cowboy Boot). Last year, a bunch of us 'Bee bloggers made the trip to Las Vegas for a "Bees Gone Wild" meet-up. The weekend was filled with clubbing, brunches, buffets, a 'lil bit of Chippendales (ha!), hot tubbing, and, well, a very early trash-the-dress photo shoot. Actually, 5 AM in Vegas might not even be considered early. In fact, I think it's considered right on time for still being out from the night before. Regardless, I bet everyone around us was confused by the names being thrown out: "Hey, Toucan, can you pass the coffee?" "Let's play this slot, Meatball." "Moonbeam, let's go dancing!" "Dumpling?!"

Our trash-the dress shoot is finally finished (thanks to photographer/blogger, Mrs. Bunny, aka Lisa Rice). I went out to a ghost town-turned-tourist attraction with Mrs. Sprinkle and Mrs. D'Orsay early one morning while in Vegas.

And since it has yet to be shared on Weddingbee, I thought I'd share it here. It's good fodder for inspiration boards and bridal portraits. We didn't actually trash our dresses, but it was a good excuse to wear them again.

Mrs. D'Orsay

Mrs. Sprinkle



  1. You look so pretty! I love your dress. My favorite is the one of you in the chair holding the Billy Balls. So sweet. xo

  2. Love these photos oh so much! I really hope I can get a trash the dress session in before I sell my dress (yeah, it's been a year since the wedding, but still...)! You guys look fabulous :)

  3. I love your earrings! Where did you get them?

  4. Hi Allix. My earrings are from Gilt Groupe. I wish I could be more helpful than that. This is the brand, though: