Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Real Wedding: Sheena and Kyle

Today, we're launching a brand new feature here on Barnwood & Birch: The Real Wedding. I know you're all familiar with this concept so I don't really need to explain it. But, I'm so excited to be kicking it off today with original content thanks to many, many generous and talented photographers. The first wedding we're featuring was sent over by Columbus, Ohio, based Picture the Love photography.

Why am I drawn to this wedding? The bride is an art teacher so many of their details were handmade--including their adorable programs. Oh, and I might be partial to the red hair.

The bride and groom in front of their venue: The Venue at Smith Brothers, Columbus, Ohio

The programs made by the bride

How can you not adore the freckles on this bride's back?
Bridesmaid Dresses by Amanda Archer via

The photo wall was DIY'd and a solution to covering up the business signage that took up much of the lobby of their venue. Just look at those two adorable pups that the bride and groom included.

Invitations handmade by the bride

Vendor Guide
Venue: Venue at Smith Brothers, Columbus, Ohio // Bride's Dress: Purchased at European Bridal in Cincinnati, Ohio // Bridesmaid Dresses: Amanda Archer via // Flowers: Crepe paper bouquets made by bride and bridesmaids // Photography: Picture the Love

Stay tuned for more real weddings...

Monday, July 26, 2010

Flower Inspiration As Of Late

While combing through the web today, I came across so many gorgeous floral displays in so many rich, jewel-toned colors I couldn't help but share. It's another detail I'm noticing lately that makes me want to go back and have a technicolored wedding.

Flowers by Amy Osaba (of course) via Green Wedding Shoes

Flowers by JL Designs via Once Wed

Images from a treehouse wedding via Snippet & Ink

Photo from Once Wed

Flowers were DIY via La Belle Bride

Florals by Cedarwood via Style Me Pretty

Florals by Cedarwood via Style Me Pretty

Which one is your favorite??

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Ode to the Little'ns

One of my favorite things from around the wedding inter-webs are the images of precious, little ones at weddings. There's something so innocent and sweet that comes across in portraits of children and seeing them all dressed up never ceases to make me smile.

Photo by Tec Petaja

Photo by Aaron Seable via Snippet & Ink

Photo by Eric Yerke via Style Me Pretty

I honestly wish we'd had more kids at our wedding, but it wasn't up to us. Our friends don't really have kids yet, or they decided they'd rather leave them with the babysitter and celebrate care-free (which was fine with us too!).

Photo from Australia's Paper + Lace Photography via Green Wedding Shoes

Photo by Simply Bloom via Green Wedding Shoes

Photo by Elle Parks Photography via Style Me Pretty

Okay, I could honestly go on forever posting children-at-wedding photos. Will you be having any little'ns at your wedding?

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Italy, India, or Bali?

With Eat, Pray, Love about to his theaters, promotions are every where! For instance, the-adorable-store-I-wish-we'd-registered-at World Market is currently holding a sweepstakes to win a trip to one of the three countries she travels to in the book: Italy, India, or Bali. What an amazing way to score a free honeymoon.

But: where would you go?

I can come up with pretty convincing arguments for all three of these countries. Let's take a stroll through each, shall we?


Of the three countries, Italy is by far the most accessible. It's also, quite possibly, the most expensive. So while you might travel there on your own at some point (because it's somewhat close), it'll put a bigger dent in your wallet.

Photo by Paolo Margari

What I love: there are medieval towns to explore, beautiful accents flying all around you, amazing cibo ("food," in Italian), and a general attitude about life that makes you want to move here. Everything is quite sensual.

Photo by Gari.Baldi

The wine and the seaside ain't half bad, either.

Photo by Ferdi's World


I've never been here so I can't speak from experience. But, I can tell you that this was my hubby's choice of the three countries. This is a place I'd love to adventure around for many reasons: how exotic it is, the grit, my fond memories of A Little Princess, because it might be depressing but it will be eye-opening and make me feel something, yoga's birth place, Bollywood and so much more.

Photo by Frisko Dude

Image by Rahuld Lucca

Where else would you see such bright, vivid colors and ornate buildings?

Image by Sir Watkyn


Based on no real life experience in this region, I'd pick Bali. I love the beach, the sand, the spirituality associated with this place. I also think this is somewhere that I think of as so exotic, I can't see planning a vacation here on my own. At least, not right now. So, letting someone do that for me sounds glorious.

Photo by Michael Dawes

Photo by Druida Bruxux

Photo by Heidi & Matt

So, where would you go? Italy, India, or Bali? And why? Would you and your significant other agree on where to go?

Monday, July 19, 2010

Groom Style

A friend of mine sent me over a link today to a recent wedding photographed by the amazing Jill Thomas. There was so much style infiltrating this wedding, but the thing that stuck out to me most was the groom and groomsmen style. It prompted me to run down the top trends in groom style right now. So, on with it:

1) Amazingly awesome bow ties.

These brand new Forage bow ties come from Something's Hiding in Here are a treasure trove of fabric that makes you think of summer and simpler times.

2) Stripes.

Image from Joy Thigpen
3) Suspenders.

4) Checks.

Image from Jill Thomas

Image from La Belle Bride

5) Succulent boutonnieres.

6) Hats.

Image from Once Wed

7) Plaid.

What's your favorite groom trend these days?

Friday, July 16, 2010

Life As We Want to Know It

Lately, my husband, Ian, and I have been discussing the future. What do we want our life to look like? We're both growing our careers (him as an artist and me as a wedding planner) and one of the steps in building a business plan (we're working from Jackie Battenfield's The Artist's Guide) is dreaming. Yep, that's right, good 'ol day-dreaming.

What do we picture our life looking like? Where will we be? What kind of parents will we be? What kind of success will we have from our passions? These are all questions we've been pondering intensely for about a week.

To me, weddings often capture that happy-go-lucky attitude that I so hope to cherish throughout life. They're so filled with love and creativity and personality and raw emotion--all of the things that, to me, if my life has been filled with them, will make me feel content at the end of my days. There's nothing better than a warm summer's eve and if every day could feel like that, I'd be the most blessed person around.

So, today, being a Friday, is a good day to create a visual representation of our ponderances.

Love letters from Oh So Beautiful Paper

From Oh Happy Day!

From: Beautiful Things to Share

What do you like to visualize for your future?

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Papel del Mar

One of my favorite things is clean, crispy stationary. A simple letterpress or gocco image is just about what I need to smile in complete adoration. I feel so fortunate to have stumbled upon Parrott Design Studio while we were creating our wedding invitations.

Sarah Parrot does an amazing job of taking two different weddings in the same place (for this purpose: preppy, seaside Maine) and making two completely different invitations. One for the "J. Crew bride and groom" and the other for the "American Apparel duo."

First, the preppier cleaner look:

I heart the Kraft paper envelopes and the string.

And the seagull adds the sea-salty smell....

Now look at this invitation. Same idea: marine, seaside, Maine. But rock 'n roll!

The compass is the only unifying image.

The last card is my absolute favorite.

A few other details I adore from Sarah's site?

The mustardy yellow above is calling to me. There might be an inspiration board in the near future...

What invites make you smile?