Friday, July 16, 2010

Life As We Want to Know It

Lately, my husband, Ian, and I have been discussing the future. What do we want our life to look like? We're both growing our careers (him as an artist and me as a wedding planner) and one of the steps in building a business plan (we're working from Jackie Battenfield's The Artist's Guide) is dreaming. Yep, that's right, good 'ol day-dreaming.

What do we picture our life looking like? Where will we be? What kind of parents will we be? What kind of success will we have from our passions? These are all questions we've been pondering intensely for about a week.

To me, weddings often capture that happy-go-lucky attitude that I so hope to cherish throughout life. They're so filled with love and creativity and personality and raw emotion--all of the things that, to me, if my life has been filled with them, will make me feel content at the end of my days. There's nothing better than a warm summer's eve and if every day could feel like that, I'd be the most blessed person around.

So, today, being a Friday, is a good day to create a visual representation of our ponderances.

Love letters from Oh So Beautiful Paper

From Oh Happy Day!

From: Beautiful Things to Share

What do you like to visualize for your future?


  1. Late nights spent doing what I love (writing), good coffee, real food (no angry pasta salads, the kind served at obligatory social functions), meaningful conversations preferably on a deck or patio, plenty of wine, making my own itinerary, collections of oddities amassed over a lifetime of adventures and travels

  2. lots of evenings spent having silly or serious discussion about life while lingering over a good cup of coffee. Pictures hung around the house that lay testament to the many travels that we have had together. shelves filled with books reminding us of all the literary adventures we have taken ourselves on. Taking the time to sleep in on a Saturday morning together, just because we can. And knowing what each other is thinking, without ever saying a word. Long evening walks with the dogs after a dinner of one of my time tested recipes