Tuesday, July 13, 2010

In the Floras

Ian and I have been planting flowers in front of our house this past month. I think the high desert (especially in our waterless neighborhood) has been giving us color withdrawal so we suddenly built planters and filled barrels with reds, purples, and spearmint greens. With all the water we've been funneling their way, we've noticed wildflowers and grass starting to pop up out of dirt--dirt that you wouldn't think anything could grow of. So, with flowers on the mind, let's talk about bouquets. Mmmkay?

Note: This post was going to be a round-up from around the web but as soon as I stumbled upon Amy Osaba's blog, she stole my breath.

Amy Osaba's floral genius

This bouquet makes me want to have a huge fiesta in Mexico or, better yet, Spain with Flamenco dancers and tons of jewel tones.

More Amy Osaba

This one makes me want to get married again just to have the soft, country romance of this bouquet.

This floating box of flowers gets me for its creativity and use of color and texture.

So gorgeous it's not even fair.

This one features chamomile and an old musty book. Le sigh.

Who's your favorite florist?


  1. love love love the bright pink bouquet. i (begrudgingly) have sort of started loving warm pink hues. so very pretty!

  2. Amy Osaba is my favorite florist, by far. She's totally brilliant!